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Search Engine Optimisation is a broad subject most internet marketers struggle to grasp today. To excel online and get the traffic you deserve, SEO has proven to be a major influencer. Some companies see it fit to do their own SEO, whereas others find it easier to hire SEO experts to help them. Both of the above could be beneficial or disadvantageous to the business based on experience the doer is.

Why your SEO campaign could fail


SEO campaigns can be very costly, and since there can be no room for mistakes, here are some of the stumbling blocks that could hinder your campaign progress today.

1.Leaving everything to the expert

Business owners find it easier to just sit back and relax as their outsourced SEO expert does all the work. Did you know that no SEO expert has sure techniques of amplifying your traffic and rankings on SERPs? Yes, you have to help the expert understand what you want for both of you to design a fit strategy to be used for the campaign. If not, then you may be shooting into darkness.

2. Failing to prioritise the customer

Search Engines only care about one thing, customer satisfaction. All websites, therefore, have to make this their basic objective daily. By using SEO hacks that do not help the customer or search engine user, you may as well be fighting a losing battle. Your SEO expert should help you put the customer first at all times for the entire campaign to work.

3. Is your SEO technique aligned?

The SEO strategy opted for by a firm should be uniform and promoting long term consciousness of the campaign. Tricks like linking need to be done using reliable websites. Experts might do your linking for you, but the results can only be temporary if no stable websites were used. Work with the expert to make sure every aspect of your SEO campaign tallies to your website and reputation.

3 SEO myths you should rubbish

1. You do not need any outside assistance on SEO.

As earlier stated, SEO can be a broad subject that one cannot master on one day. Doing everything by yourself is possible, but tiresome and costly. There are numerous techniques you have to learn, and besides, you have to collaborate your study with coding lessons, among other skills. By working with website creators, SEO experts, and learning from them, you improve both your SEO knowledge and application, improving chances of its success.

2. Social media is not necessary.

Before the emergence of social media platforms, SEO was all website owners could rely on to attract traffic to their sites. The line between the two is, however, fading fast as companies get torn between choosing social media or SEO to attract traffic. Find a way to integrate social media into your SEO campaign and watch the magic unfold.

3. Your H1 header is everything you need

Yes, your title has to be very catchy to attract the attention of the search engine user. The title is, however, not all you need for a successful NZ SEO campaign. It is for this myth that most company websites fail to provide great content for their audiences. Invest in content, research your keywords, and basically make your campaign robust enough to cover all relevant aspects.


Louise Simons