December 11, 2018
  • 8:45 am How To Find A Suitable Financial Advisor
  • 11:53 am Safe investment with insurances: separate management
  • 11:49 am How to invest (and earn) in online tourism

How To Find A Suitable Financial Advisor

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You might need to be face to face with a financial advisor in some part of your life. But you don’t have to wait for that exact moment to know how to deal with them without being fooled by some quark. Here are the list of few things that can surely help you out with such stuff in future.

Go for Recommendations

Nothing works best then getting recommendations and word of mouth. The best to way to look for an independent financial advisor perth is by getting recommendations from your friends, family, realties and coworkers. In your circle, there might be few people who personally know any of the financial advisor or might have in good terms with one of them. Such people can help you for sure in order to get you what you want.

Registered Advisors

Just like any other professional, financial advisors are registers according to proper laws and only registered financial advisors are considered to be the legal ones. Before you are to hire an advisor or to consult one, make sure they are registered according to your country laws.

Qualified Advisors

It is very important for a financial advisor to be fully qualified. There are number of institutes that offer various programs and certification in different aspects and fields of financial advisory according to the nature if the work. Always look for the right advisor by going through their qualification card.

Client Dealings

We always love the person who deals us with kindness and warm heart. To know the performance of a professional, go through their annual client review. In this way you can know how the concerned person treat his or her clients and you’ll have an overall idea of their professionalism.


There are numerous type of financial advisors having different kinds of certification which makes them professional according to their desire field. You have to choose the right financial advisor knowing that they provide the type of service and advising you are looking for. Always have a talk before hiring them officially to get yourself out of troubles for later.


It is very important for anyone to know the rates and fees of an advisor before hiring them officially. Always have a detailed discussion regarding their fee that they usually charge on specific guidance and advisory. If you believe that the charges are beyond the limits of your budget do not hire or sign any official contract with that financial advisor. Either talk about making flexible rates or go for any other financial advisor that will suit you according to your limited budget.

If you follow the above few tips, I believe you’ll get a way to sort out what kind of financial advisor can you help you out with your dealings.

Safe investment with insurances: separate management

An investment can be considered safe when in any case the invested money is returned in its entirety on a pre-established date. An investment is uncertain when there is a real danger of the debtor’s bankruptcy or when the investor participates in the debtor’s financial operations and also assumes the risks, as in the case of shares or funds.

The separate management of life insurance is one of the safest insurance products on the market . These are in fact funds created specifically by insurance companies, distinct from those of the company. In the event that the latter fails, the capital set aside with the policy would still be guaranteed.

The companies are also required, every three months, to publish on the national newspapers the composition of the separate management , which is usually oriented towards prudent investments, BTP, Cct, Ctz and BOT, while the equity exposure is rather limited.
In the second half of the 1990s, these policies were considered as outdated by the new generation of life products (the units and index linked) more dynamic as they were more closely linked to the performance of the financial markets. But the 2008 crisis, which caused serious losses in the financial statements of unit-linked companies and even questioned the guarantee of repayment of capital on maturity in the case of index-linked companies (those with underlying assets linked to Lehman Brothers or Icelandic banks), the strengths of traditional life contracts are rehabilitated.

From 1981 to 2009, segregated accounts only recorded positive net performances. Moreover, the results are always consolidated: the provisioned capital is reevaluated every year and can never go down. Every year at the anniversary of the subscription is calculated the yield obtained that is added to the initial capital. On the next occurrence, the yield will be calculated on the total (initial capital + return of the first year) and so on for the entire duration of the contract.

When choosing the policies on the market, it is necessary to carefully evaluate: – loading and management costs

, if they are high, the actual yield obtained can also be much lower than the yield obtained from the management; we take the Ri.Alto separate management, to which the Sicuramente and Pianopiano policies are linked; in 2009, the certified management return was 4.27% and the policyholders received a yield of 3.27%; there are no costs on premiums paid or any other type of cost, while some policies provide for additional costs that weigh on the amounts paid even before they are invested

– any clauses related to early disinvestment , which often penalize the investor, and those related the interruption of paymentsthat, especially in the first period, can make all the accumulated capital lose; for example with policies Surely and PianoPiano , 12 months after signing can disinvest in any time getting to the revalued capital; in the case of the Pianopiano, in the event of interruption of payments, the contract remains in force and continues to be revalued; on the other hand, there are policies that provide for the loss of part or all of the capital in the event of disinvestment before the expiry of the policy, and the same can occur in the case of the interruption of periodic payments

How to invest (and earn) in online tourism

Tourists who book their online holidays increase year by year around the world , to the detriment of travel agencies that are gradually disappearing. Here is a simple way to invest in this fast-growing industry.

Why invest in tourism

1) The number of tourists in the world has steadily increased for over 20 years.

2) Thanks to low-cost airlines, moving has become increasingly easier and cheaper.

3) People in vacation period are inclined to spend much more than they would normally spend.

Who are the market leaders

1)  the world’s first hotel reservation site, present in 226 countries around the world, 1 million two hundred thousand rooms are booked daily on this site. Booking is owned by Priceline Group, a company that also owns the well-known brands Kayak, Momondo and Rentalcars.

Listed on the US Nasdaq market, Priceline group capitalizes $ 89 billion.

2) Expedia: direct competitor of Booking, differs from the latter for the ability to book, as well as hotels, even flights and holiday packages. Founded by Microsoft in 1996, it is now an independent company that owns the well-known brands and Trivago.

Listed at Nasdaq, it capitalizes 22 billion dollars.

3) Tripadvisor: 315 million users and over 500 million reviews and opinions, these are the numbers of Tripadvisor, the website that each consult before choosing any restaurant or hotel. Initially owned by Expedia, since December 2011 it is an independent company.

Listed at Nasdaq, it capitalizes 5.9 billion dollars

4) Amadeus: The least known among the big online holidays, is the company that deals with providing the reservation systems (from the price calculation to the issuing of tickets) to airlines, railways, maritime companies, rental companies and chains hotel.

Listed on the Madrid stock exchange, it capitalizes € 22 billion.

How to earn 1% per month (12% per year) by investing in these companies

Thanks to the certificate CH0377502726 issued by Leonteq, with a nominal value of 1000 euros per piece, it is possible to invest in these 4 companies, collecting 1% per month in the form of a coupon. ( See coupon coupon benefits )

Therefore, investing 10,000 euros, or buying 10 pieces, you will collect 100 euros a month if none of these companies were to experience a 33% drop in qutations. ( See product sheet for more information )

How do you invest in this product?

This certificate is quoted on the CERT-X segment of EuroTLX, so just look for this ISIN ( CH0377502726 ) in your home banking, to proceed with the purchase.

What are the risks?

If even one of the 4 stocks were to lose more than 33%, the coupon of 1% would no longer be paid, until the security returns above this threshold. If this happens, thanks to the memory effect, we will collect the unpaid coupons, in the period when the price has remained below the barrier level.
In the event that, at the expiration date of the certificate, even only one of the securities had lost more than 33%, then even our investment would suffer this loss.

Tax advantages

The coupons of this certificate, are considered “different income”, which makes it possible to recover the losses, made with other instruments such as shares or bonds.
Therefore, by buying this certificate, we will not pay the withholding tax on the coupons, as long as we have not recovered the losses on other instruments.

How does the refund work?

At maturity, within one year, if none of the underlyings is below the barrier level (-33%), we will receive 100% of the nominal value, even with negative performances of the underlying assets. It is ideal for those with bullish or moderately bearish expectations. The certificate could be reimbursed in advance.

We invite you to consult the prospectus and your financial advisor before making any investment decisions. The information and opinions expressed in this article do not represent financial or tax advice. ELP FINANCE LTD has not verified and can not guarantee the accuracy and truthfulness of the opinions expressed. For more information visit the issuer’s website